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Takashi KOUGO Profile
He studied electronics at university and planned and developed synthesizers at an electronic musical instrument manufacturer. He started electronic music and Indian music in 1980 while He was studying at university, and has been to India many times since 1986.
Learned Esraj from Sri Ranadhir Roy of the Vishnupur school at Vishva-Bharati International University in West Bengal, besides learned Indian music theory under Indian violinist Pandit V.G.Jog in Kolkata, and Esraj and Raga theory under Vishnupur sitarist Pandit Manilal Nag.
In the early 80s, he studied Asian, African folk music and electronic music, and explored unique ambient music that fused them.
Started performing activities in various places in 1985. From 1993, He started producing original music based on Raga (theory of Indian music). In addition, he was working on environmental music for architecture and facilities in various places.
Appeared on NHK TV and radio. In addition to Indian classical music, he produces his own music using Mac and synthesizer, focusing on Esraj.
He also produce many CDs and DVDs for yoga & meditation. Preside over  bon-music. Member of JASRAC (Japan Music Copyright Association).
Released CD & Didital album
What is Esraj?
A bow instrument from the Bengal region (East India), which is a little rare even in authentic India. The body is covered with goat skin on the one that is hollowed out of wood. There are about 4~6 main strings played with bows and 15 resonance strings. " "Resonant strings" is a string that when two strings are adjusted to the same pitch, the other string begins to vibrate when one is played, and it resonates and creates a rich tone effect.
This instrument may play classical music solo, but it often appears in the accompaniment of folk songs, and Rabindranath Tagore 
from Bengal (the first Nobel Prize-winning literary scholar in Asia at the beginning of 20th century) had used Esraj in his music works called Tagore songs and loved by the  Indian people. But there are few successors and it is becoming a rare instrument in India.


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Atmospheric Manda
Kurashi No Yoga
Nada Vibration Plus
Nada Upasana
Moon Light Picnic
Oto No Reihai
Wave Meditation
Midnight Meditation
Maha Drone
The Mysterious Universe
between the worlds



Raga Nat Bhairav 


Sounds of Esraj

Raga Pilu on Expressive-E OSMOSE

Esraj with A4 & opsix

Raga Malkauns 



 Atmospheric Mandala
 Released in 2019 by bon-music. An album with an ambient sound that covers all the songs of the Indian bow instrument Esraj.

 Kurashi No Yoga  
 Released in 2017 by bon-music. Music for yoga where you meet your true self as if you were going through the calendar (Koyomi) one by one.

 Kokoro No Yoga Day by Day
A CD version of a book called "Kokoro no Yoga" (written by Akiko Akane and published by Anonima Studio) that continues to be a long seller.

An original CD produced for the airflow treatment cafe in Kita Kamakura, Japan.

 Nada Vibration Plus
 A relaxation CD that has been reborn by adding a new song to the famous album "Nada Vibration" also used in the TBS TV " World Heritage Site".

 Nada Upasana / music for yoga
It is a music for YOGA released by bon-music in 2012, and each song is created with the motif of Raga of Indian music.

 Oto No Reihai / music for yoga
 Remastered "Sound Worship" released in 1993 by Prem Promotion Inc. and the jacket was also renewed and released by bon-music.

 Yoga Best
 It was edited by extracting songs suitable for yoga from bon-music's CD. Released in 2011 by King Records.

 The Mysterious Universe
 Released in 2009 by bon-music. Esraj + Mysterious + Sounds + Rhythm + Plants from the universe = The Mysterious Uviverse

Released in 2008 by bon-music. With the concept of "music like air", each song is produced with the motif of Raga of Indian music.

 Wave Meditation
 Released in 2006 by bon-music. With the gentle sound of sea waves in the background, the sound of Esraj spreads endlessly.

 Midnight Meditation
 The best album for Yoga and Meditation released in 2006 by bon-music. A night world where tranquility lasts forever.

 Maha Drone
 Released in 2006 by bon-music. An ambient meditation CD with Esraj's improvisation with a quiet synth sound in the background.

 Shanti Traveler
 Released in 2001 by bon-music. Produced in reminiscence of the trip to India in 1988 and 1998. A CD full of shanty (peaceful) atmosphere.

 Released in 1999 by bon-music. It is created back to the image of CD・Moon Light Picnic, and mixes Esraj with various ethnic instruments and natural sounds.

 Yoga Practice Vo.1
 A CD for yoga released in 1999 by bon-music. Sun worship and moon worship can be practiced. Supervised by Akiko Akane, a yoga researcher certified by the Indian government.

 Released in 1998 by bon-music, the first album to try ambient music. Also included in Dakini Record's Nada masala Vol.1.

 Esraj's solo album released in 1998 by bon-music. Return to the origin of Indian music and play Raga in various time zones.

 Nada Vibration
 Released in 1995 by bon-music. Meditation album. The peaceful quiet sound of auto harp, tibettan bell, tampula, kalimba, etc. echoes.

 Moon Light Picnic
 Released in 1994 by bon-music. Created by reminiscing the moonlit night when I traveled to Asia. A famous album that is wrapped in the sound of various ethnic instruments and echoes comfortably.

 Oto No Reihai
 Released in 1993 by Prem Promotion Inc. With 32 pages of yoga text (supervised by Akiko Akane), 12 kinds of prayer poses and 12 Raga songs are included.

 Memories of Nada
 Released in 2001 by bon-music. CD of "Memories of Nada", a unit of Takashi Kougo, Shunichi Sawada (Sitar) and Junzo Tateiwa (Percus).

 On the Water Lilies
 Released in 1997 by bon-music, the album of SAMSARA, a unit of Takashi Kougo, Shunichi Sawada (Sitar Guitar), and Katsuaki Yoshiguchi (Percussion).

 Tooi Yume
 Released in 2001 by Blissful music. CD of pianist Kazuki Watanabe and Takashi Kougo. Organic Esraj echoes in the Western piano sound.

 Flowering of  the Spirit
 AMAHORO's CD released by AMAHORO Music, which was a unit of Hiroaki Kawagishi of African harp "KORA" and Takashi Kougo.

 Bamboo From Asia's second album released in 1997 by Crescent Record. Minimal music and folk music approaches are made.

 Bamboo From Asia
 Released in 1993 by Maypay Records. Original Asian music led by Takashi Sekiguchi, an ethnic musical instrument composer. Kim, shakuhachi, Esraj, Thai musical instruments.

 Crescent Compilation
 Crescent's compilation album of environmental music specialized labels such as Inoyama Land, Bamboo From Asia, and Hiroshi Yoshimura. Made in 2004.

 Yamagami Densetsu
 Released in 2001 from Kyushu's healing label's Kuni Tsukuri Legend series. The collaboration with the Gagaku (ancient Japanese court music ) unit "Musubihime" is interesting.

 Nada masala Vol.1
 Released in 2000 by Dakini Record. "Tsuto Dance" recorded in CD "Circulation" was single cut and praised by club freaks all over the world.

 oasis 1
 A CD of musicians gathered at OASIS, Hayama's Sea House in Japan. Participate as unit AMAHORO. Made in 1997.

 Shio No Michi vol.2
 Released in 1994 by Awa Record. A different compilation from the musicians of CD "Tokyo Gakushi".

 Tokyo Gakushi
 Released in 1993 by Hiroba Record. The origin album of the current representative folk instrument players who appeared in the ethnic restaurant "Sunda" in Shibuya, Tokyo.

 My best friends
 Participated in jazz vocalist Shigeko Suzuki, released in 2001 by BMG FUNHOUSE.

 Mixed Emotions
 Participated in the background of vocalist Sarah, released in 1998 by Warner Music.

 Participated in the French pop unit nadege, released in 1997 by Warner Music.

 Participated in the solo album of Fuyumi Iwasawa (Bread & Butter) released in 1997 by Kaigan Records.

 Kaigan grown
 Released in 1996 by Kaigan Records, which introduces Shonan's music. Participated in the background of the song of Sheema, the daughter of Fuyumi Iwasawa (Bread & Butter).